Exploring the Appruve Dashboard

Your Appruve Dashboard gives you a high-level overview of your transactions on the Appruve platform and navigates through other important aspects of managing your Appruve account.

Navigation Menu

To navigate to any page on your Appruve Dashboard, use the Left Navigation Menu as shown below.

Navigation Menu

To navigate to the Home page, click on the Home link which can be found at the top of the left navigation on your Dashboard.



To view your Appruve Verifications history, go to the Your Business section and click on Verifications.

Your verifications are found here


To generate reports on Verification, click on the Reports link.

Generate & Manage your verification reports here

API key configuration

To create and manage your API tokens, click on the Personal Access Tokens link.

Manage your tokens here

Account settings

To manage your Appruve account and related information, click on the Account Details link.

Manage your account here

Appruve products, Billing and Usage

To view and manage Appruve products you are subscribed to, their usage, and pricing plans, go to the Products section.

Manage your Appruve products

Testing and Documentation

Read this article about testing and demos of the Appruve API.

The Appruve API full Documentation is available here
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