How to get started with Appruve Products

At Appruve we aim to understand customers' needs and guide them through choosing the right products.

The Appruve API has four major products all centered around helping your business access and verify customer's data in the easiest way possible.
Now that you have discovered Appruve, let's take you through the onboarding process to get you building your next big product.

Let's get you started

To get started with any Appruve product, you're required to create an account and sign into your Appruve dashboard. Click on this link to sign up.

Sign Up

Fill in your business details

Check your email for verification and login

Now your Appruve dashboard is ready to integrate into your workflow and test.

Appruve Dashboard

Next steps
On signup, our Customer Success Manager will reach out via email with more information about the products and set up a call to demo any product of your interest.

Remember you're only testing the API and test credit is always provided.
Once the testing phase is complete and your team is ready to integrate the API into your production workflow, our compliance team will reach out to sign compliance approval documents.

Now it's time to purchase your Appruve credit and go live.🎉

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