How to pay for Appruve products

Every Appruve account is linked to a wallet where an amount is deducted every time a call is made on any Appruve products. While in the testing phase, test credit is provided and as soon as you go live an amount will be deducted from the credit in your Appruve wallet for every API call made on any Appruve products you're using.

You can always talk to our customer success team to advise on whether to pay per call or by volumes depending on your needs.

You can add funds to your wallet via the Top up wallet button on the upper right corner of your Appruve dashboard.

Appruve Wallet

To add Top Up your wallet, click on Topup Wallet and select the country you're paying from.

Wallet TopUp

Add the specific product you're paying for and enter the estimated volume of usage per month, and enter the amount to purchase. Click Add

Specify product here

This process has to be repeated for different products.

Once the product items are added, the user can view the expected charges and click on Make Payment to checkout.

View all products you're paying for here

This will take the user to a Stripe checkout page to enter the card details and proceed to make the payment.

Stripe checkout

Once payment is received, the user’s wallet is credited and receipt is sent.💸🧾
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