Running demos and API test calls

Once logged into your Appruve Dashboard you can view demos of selected products and test the API using provided test tokens.

Trying out a Demo

Go to the Web Demos section on the left navigation menu, then select Appruve Web Demo.

We currently have the Appruve Facial Match with ID Document Verification solution demo

You can try out the ‘Selfie Video Verification’ or the ‘Selfie Photo Verification

Appruve Web Demo

Running API Test calls

To test , you can create Test API tokens by clicking on the Personal Access Tokens under Developers.

Test data & tokens

The Appruve Dashboard comes with test data for the verifications supported in each country found under Developers > Testing.

Test data available in the Dashboard

The tokens page looks like this:

* Live and Test tokens are found under the LIVE and TEST tabs respectively.

Tokens page

Click on Generate new token , enter a descriptive name for the token, select the expiry period, and check the box that says Test token

Generate new token

Now click on the Generate token button. Your token should be generated after which you can copy.

* We do not store the token, so you won’t be able to retrieve it later.


* Treat your token like a secured password and if you believe it has been compromised, click on the ‘Revoke’ button beside the token name to revoke it.
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