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Appruve is used by financial services ,logistics, fintechs and many other businesses to verify the information they collect from their customers. Think identity documents, business certificates, financial statements and the likes.

Let me explain a bit further, all we need is a piece of Personally identifiable information (PII) or a valid ID card(or number) to verify and Appruve an individual/businesses as legitimate for business. We run a match of this PII across the variety of data sources we are connected to including Government-issued ID databases, Telco databases, bank accounts, and other identity databases.

Financial innovators including banks, insurance & investment firms, remittance companies, fintechs, ride-sharing, and mobility platforms, e-commerce, and trade facilitation platforms all use the Appruve API to perform KYC functions, understand their customers’ financial health, perform enhanced due-diligence, among others.

When to use Appruve

Are you building a lending app for SMEs, enabling farmers to invest in the NYSE, or tracking revenue from government agencies? Appruve is built for all kinds of use cases in mind including Agency Banking, Lending, Remittances, Personal finance & investments, Business finance, Insurance, Sim registration, Due diligence, etc.

Perform Know Your Customer (KYC) functions by onboarding and verifying the identity documents supplied by the users of their apps, either remotely or through an agent-assisted channel.

Understand the financial health of their customers by analyzing data such as account ownership and cash flow across financial accounts such as bank and mobile money accounts, which is accessed with the consent of the customer.

Perform enhanced customer due diligence by accessing sanction lists, fraudulent account list (bank and mobile money) and Politically Exposed Person list tailored and sourced from trusted and reputable data sources across Africa and other emerging markets.

Appruve Products

The Appruve API has been developed into four major products all centered at helping your business access and verify customer's data in the easiest way possible.

Appruve Identity: Validate ownership of user's identity document & business certificate to reduce fraud across Africa.

Appruve Financial: Validate & analyze user’s income across mobile money and bank accounts.

Appruve Business: Do a search on people and businesses you engage across Africa via a dashboard.

Appruve Agency: Empowering sales force and agents to onboard users or enable self-registration across Africa using facial recognition API.

Appruve is currently live across 6 African countries namely Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa and Egypt.
We are however expanding our reach quickly across the continent with the following countries; in the pipeline: Senegal, Côte d'Ivoire, Cameroon, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Zambia, Botswana & Morocco.

Here is a list of Valid ID cards/ numbers we support in different countries.

Here is a list of documents and databases we support in different countries.

The Appruve team is always working relentlessly with various data partners to connect our clients to multiple data sets all across the continent. Our API as a service module makes it possible to extend data sets that exist offline into the digital world. As data partners, you receive exclusive tailor-made solutions to help you perform various KYC and Compliance functions.

We are loved by our customers and dreaded by bad actors! We serve numerous large financial institutions including Ecobank Group, Moove and Uber, Societe Generale , and innovative fintechs such as Flutterwave,Buycoins, Kuda Bank all processing millions of API calls monthly.
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